Motorola i410 for Nextel spotted at FCC

Motorola i410 for Nextel spotted at FCC
A new iDEN-based clamshell by Motorola has been spotted at the FCC, it's the Motorola i410. The iDEN phone features a small external screen, push-to-talk capabilities, GPS, Bluetooth, messaging, speakerphone, and web access.

It's compatible with the iDEN network run by Sprint. The device is at the FCC, meaning we could see it hitting Sprint Nextel in the U.S. sooner than later.
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3 comments on "Motorola i410 for Nextel spotted at FCC"

cesar said...

for unlock nextel i410 ???

pepe said...

We can help you to use it internationaly!
We unlock i410 and other iden phones.
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diogo said...

estou no brasim meu i410 não possui o bluetooth pq??

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