Zargis to develop medical diagnostic support apps for iPhone,smartphones

Zargis to develop medical diagnostic support apps for iPhone, smartphones
Zargis Medical has announced that is has been cleared as an Apple iPhone developer and has begun development of medical diagnostic support software and related peripherals for the iPhone and other leading smartphones. The company has identified the handheld environment as a logical delivery platform for its telemedicine and diagnostic software initiatives, and with its team of experienced developer's plans to leverage the smartphone platform as a mobile hub between medical device peripherals and computer-aided diagnostic support located either locally or remotely.

A recent report released by Manhattan Research stated that 64% of doctors, more than double the number eight years ago, own smartphones, and that this figure will increase to 81% penetration in 2012. However, despite the rapid adoption of the iPhone and other smartphones by physicians, currently available healthcare applications for these devices are generally limited to medical reference libraries, educational tools and applications designed to manage patient medical records.
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