4iThumbs Tactile Keyboard for iPhone launched

4iThumbs Tactile Keyboard for iPhone launched
Here's a new tactile keyboard for the iPhone that increases typing speed and accuracy for new and old users. 4iThumbs is a clear, tactile typing aid for the iPhone’s touch screen that facilitates faster and more accurate typing, enables blind typing, reduces glare and is the strongest screen protector on the market.

4iThumbs comes with tactile ridges that guides users’ thumbs that does not impede the screen’s multitouch capabilities so the attachment can even remain on the screen while using different apps.. However, if desired, the overlay can be easily removed and inserted seamlessly on the back without changing the look of the iPhone’s sleek design.

4iThumbs allows:
+ More accurate typing
+ Faster typing
+ Blind typing
+ Tactile feedback when typing on the iPhone
+ Less glare
+ Hard key phone users to transition to the iPhone without sacrificing typing speed or accuracy.
+ Screen protection

4iThumbs can be purchased for $14.95 for the portrait version, $16.95 for the landscape version and $19.95 for both at www.4iThumbs.com.

About 4iThumbs
4iThumbs is the invention of the 4iThumbs team led by Jerry Rosengarten, a serial entrepreneur, investor and owner of Stand, home of the famed “Toasted Marshmallow Shake” and New York Magazine’s pick for the best NYC burger in July 2009. A diehard Apple fan who has owned every model of the Mac computer since its introduction in 1984, Rosengarten has always been an early adopter and purchased his first iPhone on the day of release. He appreciated the groundbreaking design and functionality but noted the iPhone’s most acknowledged drawback—lack of a physical keyboard. Independent studies have shown iPhone users make more text entry errors than users of hard key phones, even after a month of use.* Rosengarten created 4iThumbs to address this problem and in company tests, 4iThumbs was found to reduce the number of text entry errors, improve typing speed, and enable blind typing. The attachment also effectively taught new users how to type on the iPhone when transitioning from other smartphones like the Blackberry.
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