Mean Girls iPhone Game coming soon

Mean Girls iPhone Game coming soon
Mean Girls from Paramount Digital Entertainment for the iPhone and iPod touch is coming soon to the iTunes App Store! Inspired by Paramount Pictures’ film “Mean Girls,” players take on the role of a new student who must decide if naughty or nice will rule North Shore High by fighting opposing high school cliques in Match 3 battles.
In Mean Girls, players select one of four different character types - slacker, nerd, rebel or art freak – and go head-to-head in Match 3 battles against characters featured in the “Mean Girls” film. Players can achieve perfect social harmony or completely control the cliques of North Shore High – their memory skills and choices will determine how far they rise up the social ladder.

Players can focus on matching heartbreak icons to be a bully, or match special heart icons to make a new BFF. Each round ends when the Stamina meter is depleted or the Loyalty meter is filled up. Players can determine how malicious or moral they want to be by customizing battle stats and unlocking special skills.

Are you a mean girl, or just pretending to be one? Find out with Paramount Digital Entertainment’s Mean Girls, coming soon for only $0.99.
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