MTV-branded ZTE F870E on FCC

MTV-branded ZTE F870E on FCC
A new MTV-branded phone passes the FCC, it's the ZTE F870. Coming with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, ZTE F870E features a 3 megapixel camera, FM radio, Bluetooth, email client and so on. From the phone’s user manual, it provides access to Vodafone’s MTV Music website and the Vodafone Pass MTV website – so we should expect the handset to be launched soon by Vodafone. No word on price but there are also screenshots which indicate that the F870E will be released by China Unicom too.
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Tim said...

I bought this fone in cincinnati OHIO USA and I read that it is not in the usa yet but it is and the instructon book does not help me out alot is there a way to get more info on this phone ZTE F87OE there is not alot on the internet either at least not were I can find it help me out please

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