Swype text-input (Genius Texting) on Samsung Omnia II

Swype text-input (Genius Texting) on Samsung Omnia II
Samsung Omnia II will be the first to support the innovative Swype typing interface dubbed “Genius Texting.” The Verizon Samsung Omnia II will feature the Swype on-screen keyboard technology, which will revolutionize the way you text and email – faster and more accurately.

The Swype text-input analyzes your finger’s path to determine your desired word, increasing accuracy and increasing your typing speed.

The Swype “Genius Texting” feature will be built into the Verizon Omnia 2. Swype is said to be launching also on Android soon. Video follows after the jump.

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4 comments on "Swype text-input (Genius Texting) on Samsung Omnia II"

patrick said...

good thing a retard was using the iphone and they werent using the double tap spacebar shortcut to put a period and a space. what a great marketing tool to sell more phones to idiots who dont look into these things.

Kerstin said...

The video comparison between the iPhone and the Swype typing is completely inaccurate. I was on my iPhone and typed the same thing as the Swype person and was finished by the time they were half way through. This looks cool but really doesn't offer any time saving benefits.

skit said...

yes well if you had as much practice with the swipe as you have had with iphone think how fast you would be with it....i am not standing up for it it may to to hard to get used to i am not sure would have to actually try it out

Chris said...

I have used both devices, I own an iPhone 16 3Gs but do not use it anymore strictly for time purposes, I could not last longer than a month, then I switched back to my BB. I am a Bell-Aliant dealer and have used many phones.. with practice Sywpe will blow your mind you can type as fast as you can think it... literally, insane

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