Trillian for iPhone now available

Trillian for iPhone now available
Trillian for iPhone is now available in the AppStore with a $4.99 price tag. The iPhone application supports multiple IM services and allows you to switch between conversations with a tabbed interface. Unlike desktop versions of Trillian, all mobile and web ports require the use of Cerulean servers and bandwidth to keep you connected and generate push notifications.

Trillian for iPhone is always connected to the Astra server, and utilizes the ability of Astra assets to be instantaneously synchronized across multiple clients. If you change your avatar or display name on your iPhone, the change will be immediately reflected on your Windows client as well as your Astra Profile online. If you add a contact on the iPhone, it will show up on your Windows client right away, or vice versa – there is no need to re-add or re-organize your contacts.

With the new iPhone OS 3.0, iPhones can now receive push notifications from service providers like Trillian Astra. What this means is that once logged on, your iPhone will instantly alert you whenever you receive an instant message, even if the application itself is closed! A pop-up window will appear showing the message with the signature Trillian sound; simply click the “View” button to reload Trillian and reply in the chat window right away.
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