The Caddie: Pro - a must-have iPhone Golf App for golfers

The Caddie: Pro - a must-have iPhone Golf App for golfers
The Executive Caddie has released its iPhone application for golfers called "The Caddie: Pro", which they say is 'the most polished, robust, and functional iPhone app for golfers ever created'.

According to the company, the app eclipses all competition with gorgeous graphics, an ultra-slick interface, and simple operation. They also claim that the Caddie will be the "must have" iPhone golf app of 2010.

Golfers can use the app for countless features including:
+ Acquiring an official Handicap
+ Posting and reviewing detailed rounds
+ Tracking detailed statistics about their play
+ Tracking clubs used and penalty strokes
+ Managing their favorite courses
+ Viewing their play statistics

The Executive Caddie has the World's largest and most accurate golf course database, including almost 29,000 golf courses worldwide. The Executive Caddie has entered each course by hand and has verified the accuracy of thousands of courses. In addition to "The Caddie: Pro", "The Caddie: Basic" and "The Caddie: GPS" will be released in the coming months to round out the Executive Caddie's iPhone product line. You can download the “Pro” version for $19.99 in the App Store.
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Does theCaddie work on a iPod touch?

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