Evernote for iPhone 3.2 released

Evernote for iPhone 3.2 released
Evernote for iPhone version 3.2 is now available. The new release comes with offline notebooks, speed improvements, better note editing, longer audio recording, and more. Here’s what’s new:
+ Local note caching. All notes that you create or view on the iPhone will be cached locally, so you can view them again even without a network connection.
+ Offline notebooks. Premium users can now choose to be fully downloaded any and all of their notebooks to the device, making them instantly accessible even when offline (or on a plane). Tap on the new Sync tab and choose Offline Notebooks to configure this feature

+ In-app purchase of Evernote Premium. You’ll be able to buy a month or year of Evernote Premium right from the new Sync tab in the app.
+ Double the talkity talk. Length of audio note recordings is doubled to 20 minutes!
+ Offline/Local searching. Searching now works offline, so you can search through your Favorites, cached notes and offline notebooks. If you have a network connection, the app will automatically search through both the notes on your phone and on the server.
+ Editing rich-text notes. You can now edit formatted notes that also may include pictures or attachments.
+ New “Sync” tab which comes with real-time status of all sync operations.
+ Ability to search while synchronizing
+ New “All Notes” button when searching or filtering makes it easy to get back to all your notes with one click.
+ Evernote is now faster. Every aspect of the application is now improved — including searching, syncing, making new notes, browsing, etc.
+ Additional languages. Evernote for iPhone is now available in English, French, German and Russian with limited (but quickly growing) support for Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Evernote 3.2 for iPhone is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. You can already download it from Apple AppStore.
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