Ford SYNC First to enable iTunes Tagging for HD Radio

Ford is the first auto manufacturer to offer HD Radio technology with iTunes Tagging capability. HD Radio technology captures free digital radio broadcasts, which eliminate static, fadeout and other problems associated with conventional analog radio signals; the result is FM audio that's comparable to near-CD quality and AM audio that sounds like today's FM broadcasts. iTunes Tagging and crystal-clear radio sound through HD Radio technology are the latest features on Ford's growing list of factory-installed customer conveniences and technologies that will be newly available in 2010.

In 2010, Ford vehicles will offer familiar terrestrial radio, HD Radio technology, SIRIUS Satellite Radio as well as Internet radio through Ford SYNC from a Bluetooth-streaming audio-capable smartphone. Through the SYNC system, iTunes Tagging will provide Ford customers with the ability to capture a song they hear on the HD Radio receiver for later purchase. With a simple push of the "TAG" button on the radio display, the song information will be stored in the radio's memory.

Up to 100 tags can be stored on SYNC until the iPod is connected to receive the download of metadata. When the iPod is then synced to iTunes, a playlist of "tagged" songs will appear. Customers then can preview and, if desired, purchase and download tagged songs from the iTunes Store.

All HD Radio-enabled receivers in Ford vehicles also will provide Program Service Data - information that appears on the radio screen and includes song title, artist name and more.
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