Ford SYNC turns vehicles into rolling WiFi hotspots

Ford Motor will turn vehicles into rolling WiFi hot spots when it introduces the second generation of its popular SYNC in-car connectivity system next year. Inserting an owner's compatible USB mobile broadband modem - sometimes called an "air card" - into SYNC's USB port will produce a secure wireless connection that will be broadcast throughout the vehicle, allowing passengers with WiFi-enabled mobile devices to access the Internet anywhere the broadband modem receives connectivity. The USB port provided by SYNC lets owners leverage a variety of devices, including the mobile broadband modem. And through simple software updates, SYNC can be adapted to connect with the latest devices.
The SYNC WiFi capability is a simple solution for bringing internet into the vehicle, versus competitive systems on the market. Being factory-installed, the hardware is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, whereas competitor's systems are dealer-installed and require a bulky bolt-in receiver and transmitter that take up cabin space. Also, competitive systems cost approximately $500 for equipment and installation, not to mention the monthly subscription fee.
For more information about Ford SYNC you should head over to Ford Motor Company's website.

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