New firmware Update (OTA) for Motorola CLIQ

New firmware Update (OTA) for Motorola CLIQ
Good news for Motorola CLIQ users, Motorola has released the 1.1.31 software update for Motorola CLIQ.

The new OTA update provides improvements to its battery, touch, and Bluetooth functionality. For optimal performance, Motorola encourage you to download and install this latest software update.

After downloading and installing the 1.1.31 software release, you will notice:
Longer Battery Life
Improved battery life while phone is idle or running applications.

New Battery Management Feature
A new “Battery Management” feature lets you customize battery settings, such as turning data off when phone is idle for 30 minutes. And with the 1.1.31 release installed on your phone, you now have the option to select battery consumption modes that optimize data performance while minimizing battery consumption. To enable Battery Manager, go to Settings, Battery Manager, Battery Profile.

Better Bluetooth
Improved pairings, audio and call connections with Bluetooth headsets, including: rewind/fast forward feature with S9 and HT820 headsets.

Touch Screen Accuracy
Improved touch screen accuracy and protection against inadvertent key presses and unintended phone calls.

TTY Option
Text Telephone option for the hearing/speech-impaired lets you converse with callers via “real time” text messaging instead of relying on the caller’s audio.

Better Business Connections
Improved connections to corporate email accounts.

Improved Caller Connectivity
1.1.31 repairs issues with lingering connections after hang-up.

Quick Office 2
Quick Office 2 supports additional file types and enhanced capabilities.

Accelerometer Enhancements
Improves overall accelerometer responsiveness and accuracy.

When updating, be sure the battery in your phone is fully charged and make sure you have a SIM card installed in your phone. As usual, it is suggested that you backup all your data before upgrading.
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