ShoutOUT TXT iPhone Texting App with Voice

ShoutOUT TXT iPhone Texting App with Voice
Developed by Promptu Systems Corporation, ShoutOUT TXT is the first dedicated full-featured text messaging application for iPhone with voice dictation. It is a complete SMS texting app that lets users type or speak messages in fluent natural speech. Transcribed spoken messages are returned in seconds. Using Promptu SmartWord editing, users tap a word to see and select from likely alternatives before sending their messages on to the intended recipient.

ShoutOUT TXT standard features include:
+ Inbox and outbox
+ Message exchanges threaded by recipient
+ Send to multiple recipients
+ Notification of incoming messages
+ Thumbnail images for contacts
+ One-touch navigation to all recent incoming and outgoing messages

All text messages created using only the keyboard are always free. Users pay only pennies for spoken and transcribed messages. The ShoutOUT TXT comes with 25 voice credits, and you can purchase additional 50 voice credits for $1.99, 150 for $3.99, and 250 for $4.99.

ShoutOUT TXT voice recognition is server-based, and 100 percent automated. All message transcriptions that appear on users' handsets are created without any human intervention whatsoever, so privacy is guaranteed.

ShoutOUT TXT is built on state-of-the-art voice recognition technology and optimized for North American English. Accuracy varies from person to person and will improve over time with use. ShoutOUT TXT is now available for download in the App Store.
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