SPB Flash Cards - A Learning Software to Improve Language Skills

SPB Flash Cards - A Learning Software to Improve Language Skills
SPB Software has announced the release of SPB Flash Cards, a learning software created to quickly and effectively expand one's word stock in a language under study. The software provides over 1000 cards in Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and Swedish, all dubbed by native speakers of respective languages.

SPB Flash Cards provides great assistance in learning a new language, although it has no claim to be the sole mean of doing that. When mastering a new language, it is crucial to skip the stage of translating a word into mother tongue first, memorizing a direct match of a subject and a foreign word instead. SPB Flash Cards software is aimed at just that - the process of learning begins with a new flash card appearing, showing an image of an item along with the matching word and the right pronunciation from a native speaker. But this is just the beginning - several other memorizing techniques are also included. Besides, SPB Flash Cards contains a smart algorythm to track the user's progress and adapt further learning process accordingly.

SPB Flash Cards Main Features:
+ 5 different learning modes
+ 14 languages to learn
+ 1000+ words in every language
+ 65 sections, such as Food, Transport and Clothes
+ Create your own cards on SPB website

SPB Flash Cards is available in 12 different versions:
+ SPB Chinese Cards
+ SPB Czech Cards
+ SPB Dutch Cards
+ SPB English Cards
+ SPB French Cards
+ SPB German Cards
+ SPB Hebrew Cards
+ SPB Italian Cards
+ SPB Japanese Cards
+ SPB Korean Cards
+ SPB Portuguese Cards
+ SPB Spanish Cards
+ SPB Swedish Cards

SPB Flash Cards is compatible with touchscreen devices based on Windows Mobile version 5.0 and above. Each version may be purchased for 9.95 USD, or a 15-day free trial version may be downloaded at www.spb.com.
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