Spb Survey 2009 Results Announced

Spb Survey 2009 Results Announced
Spb Survey 2009 Results Announced. SPB Software has announced the results of the sixth annual SPB Survey. This year the survey was held from November 17th till December 4th, and was meant to capture user preferences and build up a combined report that would identify the changing user profiles, mobile device expectations, brand loyalty and the handset use cases.
Some of the figures we've found and the trends we've discovered were of particular interest, with some of them being really curious. For instance, for 45% of respondents their current smartphone is at least the sixth smart handheld they've ever owned. Another surprising thing for us is respondents' age. Last year's survey was mainly taken by people aged under 30 while this year the focus had somewhat shifted – 45% of the respondents were between 31 and 45. Much less surprising is the Top-10 of the most popular devices: it includes 6 HTC smartphones, 2 Apple devices and the popular Samsung Omnia.

There are also a few myths that got busted this year. While Apple's strong educational and musical background has again been confirmed by the share of iPhone/iPod touch owners who use their devices for entertainment (93%) and studying (50%), only 75% BlackBerry owning participants are using their devices for business – not so impressive comparing to HTC's 86% and especially Sony Ericsson's staggering 87%. One more unexpected episode of leadership takeover had occurred when we asked the survey participants if their next device would be of the same brand. It is normally considered that Apple is the leader in customer satisfaction, however our statistics call this statement in question – 86% "yes" among Apple users versus 92% among HTC owners.
SPB Software invites the mobile community to view the full SPB Survey 2009 results.

In this year, the survey can be considered especially successful for a number of reasons. First, as we are expanding to a bigger number of platforms we now manage to gather response from a bigger and more diverse mobile crowd. Second, this year, with a great deal of help from our friends at Smartphone Experts, we have received well over 11,000 completely answered forms which is a notable improvement over previous surveys. We now have an ambitious challenge to significantly surpass this mark next year.

Three randomly chosen SPB Survey participants received valuable gifts from SPB Software. Jim from Australia has become a proud owner of a gorgeous HTC HD2 device and a $100 worth of chosen software from SPB; Tim from the United States is rewarded with a $100 worth of smartphone accessories of choice from our partners at Smartphone Experts plus a $100 worth of our software; Brazilian Rogerio's award is a $100 worth of selected software from SPB.
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