Twitter 360 brings Augmented Reality to the iPhone 3GS

Twitter 360 brings Augmented Reality to the iPhone 3GS
A new application called Twitter 360 has been announced for the iPhone 3GS. Twitter 360 is a new application specifically developed for the iPhone 3GS that enables you to visualize your Twitter friends located in your nearby environment, thanks to a unique Augmented Reality functionality using the iPhone camera. Twitter 360 is one of the first iPhone applications to use the new Twitter’s Geotagging feature to geotag your tweets. Twitter 360 lets you track geographic movements of your friends, you can now see where are located your nearby friends via Augmented Reality.

Twitter 360 annotates your tweets with GPS location information. Your friends can now see, via Augmented Reality, the location from where your last tweet was posted. Geotagging is disabled by default for all users, which means you will need to turn it on by going to "settings" section in order to use it in Twitter 360 app.

You can download Twitter 360 from the AppStore. The Augmented Reality functionality is only available to iPhone 3GS users. This application does not work on other iPhone / iPod Touch models for the moment.

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