Adobe criticizes the Apple iPad's Lack of Flash

Adobe criticizes the Apple iPad's Lack of Flash
You may already know that the Apple iPad, like the iPhone and iPod Touch, doesn't support Adobe Flash.

Adrian Ludwig from Adobe, wrote a blog post on Adobe’s official Flash Platform blog that there's something important missing from Apple's approach to connecting consumers to content by not including Flash on the iPad.
It looks like Apple is continuing to impose restrictions on their devices that limit both content publishers and consumers. Unlike many other ebook readers using the ePub file format, consumers will not be able to access ePub content with Apple’s DRM technology on devices made by other manufacturers. And without Flash support, iPad users will not be able to access the full range of web content, including over 70% of games and 75% of video on the web.

If I want to use the iPad to connect to Disney, Hulu, Miniclip, Farmville, ESPN, Kongregate, or JibJab — not to mention the millions of other sites on the web — I’ll be out of luck.

Adobe and more than 50 of our partners in the Open Screen Project are working to enable developers and content publishers to deliver to any device, so that consumers have open access to their favorite interactive media, content, and applications across platform, regardless of the device that people choose to use.
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