New Pong Case for BlackBerry Curve cuts Cell Phone Radiation

New Pong Case for BlackBerry Curve cuts Cell Phone Radiation
Pong Research has announced the availability of the Pong BlackBerry Curve Case at the 2010 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES). This protective cell phone case reduces users’ exposure to radiation by over 60% as verified by FCC-certified laboratories in independent testing. The Pong BlackBerry Case is a stylish silicone skin containing proprietary technology that effectively redirects cell phone radiation away from the user’s head.

Pong’s BlackBerry Curve case is tested by Cetecom labs to reduce Specific Absorption Rate (SAR, a mobile industry standard of measurement) by 60% and intense ‘hotspot’ cell phone radiation (Electric Field Intensity) by 85%. The Pong™ Case for BlackBerry Curve fits models 8300, 8310, 8320, and 8330.

Pong Research cases merge high science and breakthrough technology with contemporary industrial design. The patented technology module employs principles of antenna theory and physics to channel the emitted radiation up and away from the phone. Full signal strength is maintained, so that the phone’s function and battery life are not compromised. For more information on the science of the Pong Effect, see ‘How It Works’ at

Cell phone use worldwide is growing exponentially, with the number of cell phone users worldwide increasing from four million in 1989 to over four billion in 2009. Concerns about the human health effects of cell phone radiation have steadily mounted. Government officials are beginning to join the debate, making moves for legislation regarding the matter. Last month, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom publicly stated his goal to require all cell phone retailers in San Francisco to label the devices with the level of radiation they emit. Also last month, Maine legislator Andrea Boland announced her proposal for cell phones to carry warnings that they may cause brain cancer.

The Pong BlackBerry Curve case retails for $49.95 and is available now at The BlackBerry Curve case joins the protective anti-radiation Pong iPhone case available for iPhone 3G and 3GS.
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