Nokia X6 16GB released

Nokia X6 16GB released 1
16GB Nokia X6 has been launched. The mobile phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera sporting Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash, GPS, WiFi, and TV out. The new Nokia X6 is compatible with the all-new Ovi Maps, offering free walk and drive navigation and tons of extras including Michelin and Lonely Planet guides.
Today sees the Nokia X6 get its very own baby brother in the form of a new 16GB model. Unlike its 32GB sibling, the 16GB version doesn’t Come with Music but its sizable on board storage still boasts enough space for 5,500 tracks. Outside that substantial storage sits a lush 3.2-inch widescreen capacitive touchscreen and four new finishes: all black, all white, white with pink highlights and white with yellow highlights.
Nokia X6 will also come bundled with Spore by EA, and Asphalt4 and DJ Mix Tour by Gameloft. The Nokia X6 16GB will be available this quarter.

Nokia X6 16GB released 2
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