SoundID 400 Bluetooth Headset soon in Canada

SoundID 400 Bluetooth Headset soon in Canada
Best Buy in Canada will be exclusively releasing the SoundID 400 Bluetooth Headset before the end of January.

SoundID 400 Bluetooth Headset features PersonalSound, which consists of three listening modes tuned to the most common hearing preferences to further enhance speech clarity without raising the volume. It is the only headset to deliver Environmental Mode, a feature that enables users to hear equally out of both ears in-between calls. It is compatible with the optional Sound ID Remote Microphone - creating a Personal Sound System.

SoundID 400 Bluetooth Headset also offers NoiseNavigation, which uses multiple microphones and special DSP algorithms to remove background noise and elevate speech. The goal is to improve speech understanding in noisy situations.

Additionally, the Sound ID 400 can connect with two devices simultaneously – enabling users to answer calls from two phones from the convenience of one headset. It is designed with a Black Velvet soft-touch finish.

SoundID 400 Bluetooth Headset will be available in Canada around the $140 mark.
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