Spracht Aura EQ Headset introduced

Spracht Aura EQ Headset introduced
Spracht has announced the fourth product in the Spracht product line, the Aura EQ Headset. The Aura EQ is a Bluetooth earset that pairs to a cell phone for hands-free conversations, with a unique second mode for local enhanced hearing, turning the headset into a Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP).

The switching dual microphone focus point allows users to utilize the Aura EQ for normal cell phone calls, focused on the mouth, or switch to distance and change the focus to three feet away. The Aura EQ amplifies and equalizes the voice of the person speaking to better hear and participate in conversations in noisy rooms. Additional features of the Aura EQ include:

+ Capacitive Volume Control - the outer shell of the unit is the invisible volume control mechanism. The user rubs their finger on the earpiece from back to front or front to back to raise/lower the volume level.
+ 8 Frequency Band Equalizer - allows the user to adjust to personal hearing preferences to improve verbal recognition without the stigma attached to wearing a hearing device. The Aura EQ comes with 3 preset EQ settings for the most common loss points, plus a completely user adjustable mode. Once set, the settings are saved as personal settings until changed.
+ High Output Amplifier - adds an external amplifier to increase the volume when needed, with up to 25 percent more volume.
+ 3 Microphone DSP Design - utilizes 3 microphones: one for Bluetooth cell phone conversations focused on the mouth, one for local amplified local conversations focused in front of the user, and one used as the ambient noise filter, for crisp, clear sound in any environment and mode.

The Aura EQ retails for $99.00 and will be available for purchase at www.spracht.com in March, 2010. Spracht also plans to introduce live samples at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 7-10: Booth # 36731 (South 4). To learn more about the Aura EQ, please visit www.spracht.com.
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