Star*Burst iPhone puzzle game available on the AppStore

Star*Burst iPhone puzzle game available on the AppStore
Super Happy Fun Fun has released a new puzzle game for iPhone called Star*Burst. Players must catch streams of brightly colored gems as they flow down the conveyor deck, by strategically flipping gems, bombs and timers to form Bursts of three or more.

Creating combos and special patterns will earn bonus points and Star*Burst Fantasy Cards to share with friends. The game has 100 levels, and it also offers social network interactivity via Facebook Connect.
Designed by the creator of KLAX, Star*Burst feeds on the obsessive compulsive nature to make order out of disorder that lies inside all of us. Streams of brightly colored gems flow down a wide Conveyor Deck and must be caught on a paddle before falling into the pit and being destroyed. Your paddle will only hold 5 gems so you must act quickly to toss them up to the rack and create Bursts (patterns) to score!
Star*Burst is already available on the AppStore for $1.99 – for a limited time.
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