Lumigon unveiled T1, S1, E1 Android phones

Lumigon unveiled T1, S1, E1 Android phones
Denmark-based Lumigon joins the Android market with three devices for upcoming release, Lumigon T1, Lumigon S1, and Lumigon E1. Both the T1 and S1 will run Android 2.1, Lumigon P-GUI interface, built-in remote controller, ultra-fast Freescale 1 GHz i.MX51 3D processor, capacitive touchscreens, A-GPS and, impressively, 5MP autofocus camera with flash, a 720p HDMI-out for streaming pictures and movies, FM receiver and an FM transmitter. Lumigon T1 and S1 from Lumigon offer a touch screen that slides open to reveal your basic T9 keyboard.

The first model, T1, shall reach the shops early Q2 this year, and the second one, S1, will be available toward the end of Q2. The difference between the models is that T1 is an elegant touch-screen phone, whilst S1 possesses additionally an in-built T9 keypad and slider in an extremely small form factor. The key features are the same in both phones. Later this year, E1, one of the most fascinating phones ever produced, will be introduced to the market. It has a unique navigation system and a shape never experienced in mobile phones. “E1 is the most beautiful phone I have ever seen during my entire 10 year career in mobile business”, says Lumigon’s founder Lars Gravesen.
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