SRS TruMedia Audio Suite comes to Android

SRS TruMedia Audio Suite comes to Android
SRS Labs has announced that SRS TruMedia, an advanced suite of SRS audio enhancement solutions that deliver a superior multimedia experience via a devices built-in speaker(s) or headphones, is now available for use within devices powered by the Android platform.

"TruMedia was engineered to compensate for the physical limitations presented by the closely spaced speakers within mobile devices, as well as provide a true surround sound experience when paired with headphones resulting in remarkable improvements in multimedia performance," said Allen H. Gharapetian, Vice President of Marketing for SRS Labs. "Today as an ever growing number of people embrace the Android mobile platform, SRS TruMedia elevates overall consumer satisfaction by providing an unbeatable audio experience."

SRS TruMedia is based on a modular platform, making it simple for OEMs to precisely tune the TruMedia suite for optimal audio performance on every make and model. With TruMedia, music and videos sound more natural and detailed, with remarkable depth and clarity. Even the smallest speakers can now offer an expanded 3D sound field and increased bass response. And, when listening over headphones, consumers will be enveloped in an immersive surround sound experience. TruMedia offers an unprecedented entertainment experience – the way the artist originally intended.

TruMedia was designed to be very resource friendly with low MIPS and memory requirements. During the implementation process, SRS engineers work closely with manufacturers who are building Android phones to optimize the performance of each device's audio system, taking into consideration each product's industrial design, speaker placement, orientation and frequency response.

Android, a product of the Open Handset Alliance, was built from the ground-up to deliver a compelling mobile experience, in terms of entertainment as well as productivity. Manufacturers currently featuring Android-powered handsets include: Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and Sony, to name a few.
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