Stinger Table Hockey game brings table hockey/bubble hockey/rod hockeyto your iPhone

‘Stinger Table Hockey’ game brings table hockey/bubble hockey/rod hockey to your iPhone
Good news for real hockey fans using Apple's handset, A new iPhone game by Stinger Games called ‘Stinger Table Hockey’ is coming soon to the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It's a game known by many names: table hockey, bubble hockey, rod hockey.
Real 3D table hockey powered by Bullet Physics. Experience the passion of playing table hockey on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Great 3D graphics, real 3D physics powered by the Bullet Physics, simple control just like playing real table hockey.
Stinger Table Hockey for iPhone Features
+ Play against CPU players.
+ Multiplayer, including Wifi and Bluetooth.
+ Tournament to play against rival nations.
+ Three Skills mini-games to improve your skills and compete.
- Hardest Shot to work on your slap shot.
- Sniper to improve your one timer.
- Shootout to be able to beat goalies 1-on-1.
+ 38 international teams from around the world.
+ Create and customize your own teams. Including the ability to change the jerseys and paste your own logos onto your character from your iPhone or iPod Touch Photo Library.
+ Stat tracking keeps track of your STHL career.
+ Earn OpenFeint Achievements based on your stats and performance.
+ Ability to choose from different rink layouts and rules.
+ Rocking soundtrack.
+ A quick tutorial to show you how to play the game.

You can visit Stinger Games for more information.
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