AT&T WorkBench app helps bring the power of iPhone to the enterprise

AT&T WorkBench app helps bring the power of iPhone to the enterprise
AT&T has announced a new native application for business users that can help bring the power of iPhone to the enterprise. Using the AT&T WorkBench for iPhone solution, businesses can now easily provision, deploy and control enterprise web applications for work in a highly-secure, reliable and manageable fashion. The iPhone app helps extend existing enterprise application services to iPhone through secure web apps hosted in a managed environment. It enables companies to deploy enterprise applications in a highly-secure manner – even on mobile devices purchased by individuals.

AT&T WorkBench, developed in cooperation with Antenna Software, a leader in mobile enterprise technologies and solutions, was specifically created to address the needs of businesses for deploying and helping to manage and protect mobile applications on iPhones. A significant enhancement to the AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (AT&T MEAP), AT&T WorkBench provides:

+ Role-based deployment of web applications.
+ Enhanced IT controls for web applications such as policy management, mobile VPN, over-the-air updates and remote data lock/wipe.
+ Certificate-based authentication using SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol), which is aligned with iPhone's over-the-air enrollment and configuration process. Ability to run multiple enterprise web applications simultaneously and toggle instantly between active web applications.
+ Enables employees to work with their critical data and applications offline and automatically update when they reconnect to the network.

AT&T MEAP: Mobile Sales and Pharma Apps for Oracle
Built to run on the AT&T WorkBench solution, AT&T has also announced two new mobile web applications for Oracle® CRM On Demand that are now available on iPhone:
+ AT&T MEAP Sales for Oracle CRM On Demand: enables field sales teams to have access to their critical customer and sales information.
+ AT&T MEAP Pharma: specifically designed for sales teams in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries to provide real-time and offline access to Oracle CRM On Demand for Life Sciences on the iPhone. It also provides additional functionality that facilitates physician detailing and drug sampling.

AT&T WorkBench is available for download from the App Store (FREE).
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