Gresso Grand Monaco Red luxury phone for ladies

Gresso Grand Monaco Red luxury phone for ladies
Gresso has introduced a limited collection of Grand Monaco luxury phones which is specially created for ladies. The collection is an embodiment of elegance, luxury and harmony. A special feature of the new collection is the fashion of red alligator skin.

Gresso Grand Monaco Red comes with a 2 megapixel camera, GPRS/EDGE connectivity, Bluetooth, FM radio, a personal organizer, and microSD card slot. As to all the rest, the design remains unchanged. The device casing is manufactured of a ultrastrong and ultralight titanium alloy covered with several layers of high-tech ceramics with special micro particles that burnished the phone with a splendid shine. The display is framed with a 42K hand polished sapphire crystal, while the battery cover is fixed with a magnetic Smart Lock.

The true pride of Grand Monaco collection is the keyboard with the keys made of steel using ultra-precision turning technology. This technology ensures a superlative degree of precision of each detail. The keyboard surface is scratch-proof and highly resistant to other mechanical damages.

Gresso Grand Monaco Red costs $2800, which can be ordered on the company’s official website – or in official dealers’ offices.
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