Junaio iPhone Augmented Reality browser updated to v 2.0

Junaio iPhone Augmented Reality browser updated to v 2.0
Metaio has released a completely new version of its open augmented reality browser junaio. The version 2.0 is now available in the App Store and offers new unique features. Indoor usage, web- and user-based information channels and an open API for developers are further steps on junaio´s way to an open browser platform enabling everyone to create and experience mobile augmented reality.

What's New in junaio Version 2.0.2
+ Improved LLA marker detection
+ Improved performance
junaio 2.0 is the first mobile augmented reality platform which can avoid accuracy limitations of GPS and allows usage indoors by integrating LLA-markers. Users now also have access to all kinds of location based information via a new channel concept.

junaio 2.0 also introduces a new way to arrange the location based content and offers mobile content channels in the real world via augmented reality. These channels at the moment include the categories: News, Culture, Shopping, Games, Travel or Food and for example help users to find the closest and best rated restaurant more easily. Furthermore every user can set up his/her personal channel and share posts, notes or points of interests with friends or make channels public to everyone. With this feature users can share their experiences, 3D objects, Twitter messages, website infos or recommendations of nearby locations with their friends and build the junaio-social community.
You can download junaio 2.0 for FREE in the App Store.
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