Nokia N900 SDK version 1.2 available

Nokia N900 SDK version 1.2 available
Nokia N900 SDK version 1.2 screenshots and details have been leaked by forum member “MohammadAG” along with several screenshots showing off new features. Most notable feature is the new soft keyboard which delivers the third row of a QWERTY keyboard in an offset. Other features include:

+ Menu is now rearrangable, and there is no more "More..."
+ Clear device is back in Settings.
+ Gap in Status Bar and Menus has been removed
+ Browser now has a back button, history view is accessible using the gesture.
+ Enable rotation is now an option in Settings (Browser).
+ Volume buttons can be set to change volume only in browser.
+ User Guide accessible in the browser from a main menu shortcut.
+ Media player has a play button icon instead of the moving bars (bottom right area)
+ Ovi Store link in "Change background" and "Themes" area.
+ File manager has a share option for all files.
+ Video call option can now be enabled in contacts, SMSs to landlines can be disabled, voicemail number can be set.
+ Typing in Application Manager searches for applications (same speed as in contacts in the SDK)

For more details and screenshots you should head over to forum.
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