MacGruber iPhone app available for download

MacGruber iPhone app available for download
MacGruber gets its iPhone application. In addition to the game itself, the iPhone app also packs exclusive ringtones, photos, wallpapers, the movie trailer, and more at no additional cost.
Only one American hero has 16 purple hearts, 3 Congressional Medals of honor and 7 presidential medals of bravery… and can still be man enough to sport a mullet. That man is MacGruber.

Now, you can get the look, the knowledge, and the training you need to join his team - all with the MacGruber App! This butt-kicking app features an exciting game, a hilarious photo tool, and even a cool soundboard with hilarious lines from the film. The Mullet Generator lets you lose that awful hairdo of yours and replace it with a rockin' mullet so that you’ll always be ready for action! Take the ultimate test with the Bomb Defuser Challenge where you must use everyday items to thwart MacGruber’s nemesis, Dieter von Cunth!
MacGruber iPhone app is available for download FREE on the App Store in the Entertainment category.
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