INRIX Traffic! coming to iPad, Mobile Development Kit launched by INRIX

INRIX Traffic! coming to iPad, Mobile Development Kit launched by INRIX
INRIX has introduced a mobile developer kit (MDK) that helps speed to market breakthrough traffic-enabled navigation and location-based applications that integrate smartphone functionality with in-car display and/or voice controls. The company also announced the upcoming release of a new iPad version of INRIX Traffic!, its popular app for commuters.

Designed for automotive OEMs, tier one suppliers and mobile application developers, the MDK provides access to hundreds of sample applications and code libraries as well as best practices for seamlessly integrating INRIX traffic information into in-car and mobile navigation applications. For example, the MDK provides developers with documentation and best practices for the creation of apps that take the guesswork out of the daily commute with the fastest route, travel journey times and ETAs.

The MDK supports a variety of use cases including display of traffic on a map, incident data integration, travel times, traffic cameras as well as INRIX’s suite of Connected Services including traffic-influenced routing, weather and fuel prices. Developers will gain access to the technical resources and INRIX traffic data through INRIX’s Dev Zone and Mobile Gateway.

Using the MDK, INRIX completed development of an iPad optimized version of its popular INRIX Traffic! and INRIX Traffic! Pro app in less than 2 weeks. Coming later this month to the iPad App Store, INRIX Traffic! is a free app that provides real-time traffic, traffic forecast, speed trap, accident and incident information for all major cities and roads across the U.S. and Canada. Winner of a 2010 MacWorld Best of Show Award, INRIX Traffic! Pro is available as an in-app upgrade to the free app that provides motorists with the added benefit of always knowing the fastest route, best time to leave, travel time and ETA for any destination.
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