Nokia Cognitive Radio introduced

Nokia Cognitive Radio introduced
Nokia Research Center presents Cognitive Radio. Cognitive radio may offer new opportunities for the wireless industry and consumers to cope with the continuously growing mobile date traffic.
Cognitive radios are aware of their surroundings and bandwidth availability and are able to dynamically tune the spectrum usage based on location, nearby radios, time of day and other factors. This provides for a more efficient use of the spectrum as well as reducing power consumption, and enabling high priority communications to take precedence if needed. Varied devices will be able to detect other radios around them and work together to optimize the use of spectrum, allocate resources and more easily communicate to their peers.
Cognitive Technologies can significantly increase the overall utilization of spectrum, by allowing sharing in bands where it was previously not possible. It should also be noted that Cognitive Technologies is not only about spectrum. They may also open up possibilities for completely new services. The video gives some examples of such services.

Nokia Research Center presents a lighthearted overview of Cognitive Radio starring animated friends Basil and Pepper:

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