Pirate's Treasure iPhone game available for download

Pirate's Treasure iPhone game available for download
Good news for iPhone gamers who are fans of dual-stick shooters, Chillingo has released an interesting game for you. Called the 'Pirate's Treasure', the iPhone game combines elements of RPG, exploration and all-out blasting mayhem, taking you on an enjoyable quest to recover your riches from creatures both natural and magical.
Stunning 3D graphics bring the musket-wielding marauder’s comic capers to life as you do battle against the landlubbers and scurvy dogs of Treasure Island. Discover the secrets of the Grim Reaper’s gold and unlock achievements as you send those rampaging monsters down to see Old Hob in the squiffy-est, savvy-est, swashbuckling-est pirate shooter the iPhone and iPod touch have ever seen!

This is one pirate who’s never stuck in the past. Kill enemies and earn gold to customize and buy special abilities for your devilish old sea dog. The barnacled buccaneer’s quest for buried booty takes you through a story-driven campaign of over 50 levels within a host of different environments. With the Campaign Mode boasting over six hours of gameplay across its non-linear, story-driven adventure, Pirate’s Treasure’s bounty never runs out (unlike your bottle of rum). Pirate’s Treasure is fully Crystalized, so you can publish high scores and achievements online.
Pirate's Treasure for iPhone is available for download with an introductory price of $1.99 on the App Store in the Games category.
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