Skyfire for Android updated to 2.1

Skyfire for Android updated to 2.1
Skyfire for Android has been updated to version 2.1 (beta) which provides many enhancements on both client and service. The new update ( is available on Marketplace.

What’s new in Skyfire for Android 2.1?
+ New home page included with both a search box and trending topics of the moment.
+ New Plug-in options. This allows a user to modify the loading behavior of plug-ins, such as Flash on FroYo. Options are: Always, On-Demand or Off. Handy to give control when and in which way Flash is used.
+ Support for contextual ads from Google.
+ Improved video streaming reliability and reduced occurrences of 25% stuck problem
+ Butter-smooth pinch zoom for Android 2.x devices
+ Improved mobile page handling. Pages will better adjust to the width of the screen.
+ Fixed streaming issues on Samsung Moment (with 2.1 Android)
+ and other Enhancements..

You can download Skyfire for Android 2.1 on Marketplace.
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