Sudoku Uno iPad game available for download

Sudoku Uno iPad game available for download
Houdah Software has released "Sudoku Uno - Stylish Sudoku for iPad". "Sudoku Uno" is a single player Sudoku game for the iPad. An unlimited number of game board may be generated. All solvable by logic only. Three levels of difficulty. Improves your skills with smart hints.

"Sudoku Uno" is based upon the same powerful Sudoku engine as ACTSudoku for iPhone. It is thus able to provide an almost infinite number of Sudoku games categorized in 3 levels of difficulty. Additionally it is able to provide intelligent hints.

Sudoku Uno for iPad Features
+ Three modes: compete, collaborate, single player
+ Three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard
+ Difficulty levels are determined by techniques to master, not by number of givens
+ Unlimited number of Sudoku games
+ Green & red pencil notes
+ Optional automatic pencil notes
+ Intelligent hints with explanations
+ High scores

Sudoku Uno - Stylish Sudoku for iPad is available for download $1.99 on the App Store in the Games category.
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