SyncMate 2.5 : Your All-In-One Sync Tool for Mac OS X

SyncMate 2.5 : Your All-In-One Sync Tool for Mac OS X a
Last time we covered SyncMate it was a pretty nice sync tool for Mac computers and Windows Mobile phones. Today, a year later, SyncMate is a real all-in-one sync tool for Mac.

Developers at Eltima did a great job and improved SyncMate significantly. So, let’s take a look at new options.

The first thing that will catch your eye is a new, stylish interface – as for me, this one looks great!

SyncMate 2.5 : Your All-In-One Sync Tool for Mac OS X b
The second huge improvement is new devices added. There are 7 of them (besides Windows Mobile devices you were able to sync with in 1.4 version). Now SyncMate enables all users to sync data between Mac OS X computer and a list of devices, such as Nokia S40 phones and other Macs and Windows computers, PlayStation Portable and USB drives. SyncMate also supports Google account synchronization. With SyncMate you can back up data to Online Storage Account.

As for me, possibility to sync with PC is awesome. I also like the option of syncing several Macs and USB drives.

And what about sync options? As before, SyncMate is offered in two editions – Free and Expert.

SyncMate Free Edition allows syncing iCal and Contacts between Mac and supported devices/accounts. With Free Edition you can visually analyze detailed information about Windows Mobile device and read SMS directly on Mac.

SyncMate Expert offers additional sync options and allows syncing iTunes, iPhoto, Mail, separate Folders, Notes, ToDo's, Time, Bookmarks and lots more between Mac and supported devices/accounts. With SyncMate Expert you can create, send, delete SMS right on your mac.

Concerning new options added – now you can search and export your SMS in Expert Edition. SyncMate Expert also allows syncing your Mac and supported devices automatically (AutoSync option) and offers Real-time sync option (available for USB flash drive, other Macs, Sony PSP, Windows PC sync; Folders sync plugin).

So, as you can see, this small utility will make your devices and online accounts live in sync harmony. You do not have to purchase several sync tools for each device separately, just download FREE version of SyncMate and sync your devices for FREE!
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