TomTom for iPhone 1.4 now compatible with iOS 4

TomTom for iPhone 1.4 now compatible with iOS 4
TomTom has announced that the latest version of the TomTom App for iPhone version 1.4 is compatible with iOS 4 and, among many new features, now includes multitasking functionality (on iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd Generation devices, running iOS 4) that allows users to receive turn-by-turn directions while their iPhone is running other Applications.

What's New in TomTom for iPhone version 1.4?
+ Seamless Navigation while Calling for iPhone 3GS. Users can now make and answer calls while navigating with the help of visual turn-by-turn instructions. With this feature, users see visual instructions even when they are on a call, so they never have to choose between making or taking a call and receiving continuous directions to their destination.
+ Background Navigation Instructions (on iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd Generation devices, running iOS 4). Users can see other Apps on the screen while still receiving spoken turn-by-turn instructions from the TomTom App, while it operates in the background.
+ New, Updated Maps. The TomTom App comes ready to navigate with TomTom's latest release of the industry's most-accurate and most-up-to-date maps. Because an average of 15% of road information changes every year, TomTom has continued to update the App with its latest maps to ensure users have the confidence of knowing that the directions they receive are the most accurate and efficient. Maps come pre-loaded with the App, so no data plan, mobile signal or roaming charges are required to browse the map or navigate to a destination.
+ Route Sharing. Drivers can now send details of their current location, destination, and route to their contacts, via email. This feature provides an easy way to keep friends and family up to date on where a driver is, and where they are headed.
+ Departure Reminder. Drivers can now receive departure reminders when they plan upcoming trips and add them to their calendar, so they will be prompted by their iPhone when it's time to get on the road.
+ Car Symbols. Drivers can now personalize the car symbol on the driving screen by choosing the car icon, symbol and color that best meets their style.
+ Eco-friendly Routing. Drivers can save money and reduce impact on the environment by driving with these more fuel-efficient routes. By using its advanced routing technology and the driving data of millions of TomTom users, the TomTom App can now provide a route option with a lower environmental impact.

With TomTom Traffic, TomTom App users receive real-time traffic updates and incident reports on their routes. As soon as any delay is found, users are notified and can be automatically re-routed to an alternate, faster route. TomTom Traffic for iPhone users is available via in-App purchase for an additional $19.99 for 12 months of service.

Pricing varies by region. TomTom is currently offering the U.S.A. and U.S. & Canada versions of the App at $49.99 and $59.99, respectively.

TomTom App for version 1.4 runs on OS 3.0 and iOS 4, however users should upgrade to iOS 4 to be able to take advantage of all of the new features.
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