Toshiba AC100 is the company’s first Android laptop

Toshiba AC100 is the company’s first Android laptop
Toshiba has launched its first Android-powered mobile computer. Toshiba AC100 is a stunning new device that is always on and highly portable. Everything about the AC100 is designed for mobile, online use, including the Android platform it runs on.

The 10-inch laptop with an ARM-based chipset running Google Android 2.1 comes with 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra TM250 chipset, 512MB memory, 8GB to 32GB flash storage, HDMI, USB, mini USB, mic, audio, SD card slot, Bluetooth, and 1.3 megapixel camera.

Toshiba AC100 is an ideal choice for consumers that stay in touch via social networks, store their personal content in the cloud and need to be online at the touch of a button - captured in an incredible 14mm (at its thinnest point) thin body. Providing up to seven days’ standby time, the AC100 is always ready for action, starting up in under a second, while Wi-Fi and optional 3G connectivity means the AC100 can be online wherever you are.
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toshiba laptop coupons said...

Everything is cool, except the screen size. But it has good features and it's price is also reasonable. If we do not want to replace our main computer, another laptop, it must be smaller, more convenient way to carry.

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