Truphone Local Anywhere coming to Netherlands and Spain

Truphone Local Anywhere coming to Netherlands and Spain
Truphone has announced that its Truphone Local Anywhere service will be available in the Netherlands and Spain within months. The global mobile operator has forged agreements with Vodafone Netherlands and Orange in Spain (part of the France Telecom Group) providing Truphone with access to the operators' mobile networks in these markets to deliver Truphone Local Anywhere voice and data rates and local numbers to its worldwide customer base.

These partnerships will mean that customers will benefit from the service's proposition of 'local rates and local numbers' in five countries: Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the US. Elsewhere, the service provides competitive roaming rates.

With over 70 million visitors to the Netherlands and Spain each year, and a combined outgoing traffic of 33 million people, Truphone and its partners have a huge opportunity to offer customers from all over the world savings of up to 90% on their roaming, international calling and data charges both at home and abroad.

Truphone Local Anywhere provides customers with the following benefits, on a single SIM card, everywhere that Truphone has agreements with local operators:
+ Local rates: bringing an end to phone juggling and SIM swapping to avoid costly mobile roaming charges
+ Local numbers: allowing contacts to reach Truphone customers wherever they are without paying the price of an international call
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