microSIM adapter for iPhone 4

microSIM adapter for iPhone 4
Using Micro-SIM Adapter, you can now change reduced size (cut) 2G SIM-Cards or the newest Micro Sim/3ff/mini-UICC SIM cards to the size of a 2G SIM hassle free and use it on both - the iPad, the iPhone 4G and your mobile.
The micro-SIM-adapter (3ff-adapter, mini-UICC-adapter) has a frame which will carry the micro-sim (3ff-sim) and converts it into the size of the standard SIM. You can then use your micro-sim from the IPad and the iPhone 4G in your IPhone 3G. Or if you decide to cut your standard sized SIM from the Iphone (or any other mobile Phone) to the size of the micro-sim, you could use your Phone SIM on your IPad without having to buy a second data plan. With the microsim adapter you then can use your small SIM again with your present mobile. Guides on how to cut your standard sized 2nd generation SIM to the smaller version Micro-SIM can be found on the Internet.
Micro-SIM is well known as 3FF — The «Third Form Factor» SIM is a mini-version of the normal SIM Card and will be used in a number of mobiles soon. The actual size of the card is 12mm x 15mm which is 52% smaller than the «normal» SIM and of course it will not fit into your current phone. Actually not many manufacturers and service providers are using them yet. The iPad will be the first to start the new aera. More information is available from MicroSIM Shop.
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