Samurai: Way of the Warrior HD iPad game available for download

Samurai: Way of the Warrior HD iPad game available for download
Here's an iPad game recommended for fans of hack 'n slash games as Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, God of War or Heavenly Sword. The popular Samurai: Way of the Warrior for iPhone and iPod has finally arrived on iPad!
As renowned as the iPhone version is for its stylized manga-like graphics and its bloody gameplay, the HD version takes all the virtues of the original and improves upon them. Carefully crafted comics establish and maintain the story line between battles, lending the action increased drama. The goal of the game is to kill all the enemies in a particular setting, so as to unlock the gate and proceed on to the next stage. The player controls the Samurai with his finger on the touch-screen, moving him in all four directions. Defensively, the player swipes their finger left, right, or up to evade an enemy attack. Swiping in this way over the enemy controls the player's attack. Successfully combining swipes activates powerful combination attacks.

Gameplay is set in the midst of the Japanese Sengoku period, and the player is Daisuke Shimada, a wandering Samurai. It is the most dangerous of times, and Daisuke must ultimately face the evil Daimyo Hattoro, who has spread fear and terror throughout the countryside. Many battles must be won before meeting Daimyo, and Daisuke does battle with enemies in many villages throughout feudal 16th century Japan. There are a great variety of settings in which battles are fought, and highly detailed foliage, bridges, arenas, houses, statues, streets, etc. The game is played from an overhead point of view and both graphics and movement are highly realistic within the stylized motif of the action.
Samurai: Way of the Warrior HD for iPad Features
+ First hack and slash game developed specifically to leverage the iPAD touch screen.
+ Deadly Dojo only for iPad !!!
+ No more virtual joysticks or gamepads, only your finger and touchscreen.
+ Visit several unique environments in the Japan in a feudal 16th century setting.
+ Unlock all combo attacks and master your skills.
+ Never before seen comics storytelling
+ Special Dojo mode. Fight in the arena sparing enemies in the rounds.
+ Online leaderboards
+ Facebook and Twitter integration
+ Friends lists
+ Persistent player profile
+ Original movie like soundtrack.
+ And much more...

Samurai: Way of the Warrior HD for iPad is available for download $4.99 on the App Store in the Games category.
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