7 New Chillingo Games for iOS devices coming to iTunes

7 New Chillingo Games for iOS devices coming to iTunes
Chillingo has announced that 7 new games will be hitting iTunes by the end of the Summer. Titles include Lamp of Aladdin, Pipe Rush, Great Adventures: Lost in the Mountains, Fiona’s Flowers, Alien Cab, Floe, and Robin Hood: Archer of the Woods.

+ Lamp of Aladdin (Fenomen-Games/Chillingo) – Plunge into a world where fairytales come true as players explore exciting and mysterious realms with Aladdin and his magical Genie. Solve a variety of puzzles ranging from Hidden Objects to Match 3 to reveal new levels and surprising characters in this extraordinary adventure story. Exclusively coming soon for iPad.
+ Pipe Rush (Flysoft/Clickgamer) – Help young Pippa connect the town’s water supply system by carefully connecting an assortment of pipes. Stay a step ahead of the pipe-making machine so it doesn’t back up and blow up in a cloud of smoke! Coming soon for iPhone and iPod touch.
+ Great Adventures: Lost in the Mountains (Fenomen-Games/Chillingo) – Trapped by a snowstorm in a mountain-top hotel, two friends must solve the mysterious murder of a great scientist and return a stolen invention designed to change the future of humanity. Hours of entertainment lie ahead, as players solve puzzles and ensure each character gets food, rest and fun in this time management-style, puzzle-filled game. Exclusively coming soon for iPad.
+ Robin Hood: Archer of the Woods (Mudloop/Clickgamer) – Based on the popular legend, Robin Hood, this exciting castle defense game allows players to aim and shoot arrows at invading soldiers. The game features plenty of power-up weapons and crazy items such as soldiers on wooden Segways, explosive nukes, grueling headshots as well as evil bosses that include costumed trolls, dragon cows and Trojan pigs. Coming soon for iPhone and iPod touch.
+ Fiona’s Flowers (1morebee/Chillingo) – Help Fiona create and grow the world’s most beautiful flowers and plants in this iPad exclusive game. Produce up to 60 different species of flowers by managing your garden to produce mouth-watering honey, the most succulent fruit and fantastic plant life! Keep your wits about you as you race around, watering, pruning, planting, picking and tending all of your crops in this fun, time management game. Coming soon for iPad.
+ Alien Cab (Quadion Touch/Clickgamer) – Control a fleet of Space Cabs in this quirky line drawing game, as you carry aliens from planet to planet during the busy interstellar rush hour. Coming soon for iPhone (with optimized iPhone 4 features) and iPod touch.
+ Floe (Otterly/Clickgamer) – A little bear needs your help! Help baby polar bear, Flo, across the ice floes to catch up with her mama. If only these pesky ice blocks weren't in the way. A simple yet challenging, cute puzzle game. Coming soon for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
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