BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express updated to v 5.0.2

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express updated to v 5.0.2
BESX has been updated to version 5.0.2. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0 SP2 wirelessly synchronizes Microsoft Exchange with BlackBerry smartphones. It provides advanced BlackBerry smartphone business features with no software license fees or additional per user license fees, and works with most personal BlackBerry data plans or BlackBerry enterprise data plans.

New features in BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0.2 include automatic discovery of Microsoft Exchange Web Services, BlackBerry MDS Connection Service integrated authentication, changes to the BlackBerry Configuration Database schema, default groups with preconfigured roles, enhancements to activation and prepopulation, enhancements to logging, enhancements to S/MIME encryption, enhancements to SRP connections, enhancement to synchronization of email message content, enhancements to the BlackBerry Administration Service, enhancements to the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager, enhancements to the setup application, new IT policy rules, new traits, reduction to disk I/O impact, RSA authentication for specific intranet sites, single sign-on authentication.

BES Express 5.0.2 has also support for a Microsoft Active Directory that is configured for multi-tenancy, support for applying and resolving multiple IT policies to user accounts, support for Microsoft SQL and Windows Server 2008 R2, support for sending more content for calendar entries in the initial data packet, support for web browsers, BlackBerry Enterprise Transporter support, and BlackBerry Domain Search support.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0.2 is now available in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.
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