NDrive celebrates Windows Mobile 7

NDrive celebrates Windows Mobile 7
As you all might know, Windows Mobile 7 is said to be launched this holiday season. If you’re talking about this specific operating system on the new Windows devices, in relation to other Windows Mobile devices, it belongs to the “Windows Phone 7 Series”, but Microsoft primarily refers to it as “The Windows Phone.” The first Windows Phone handsets are poised to launch “in-time” for the Holiday season 2010.

NDrive has conjured up an offer which will certainly play to the palate of the existing Windows Mobile user base. The offer is simple and attractive; a full license, lifetime supported navigation application for a flat rate of 19.89 for the United Kingdom, United States, and France.

This campaign seeks to make NDrive software appealing to the loyal existing users of the current version of the Windows Mobile operating system while commemorating the integration of new technologies.

NDrive recognizes that Windows Mobile is the point of inception for their business. It is the platform where it all began for their birth as a company in 2001. It is for this reason that the Windows Mobile user base is unsurpassed by none and a very much a priority. NDrive stresses that even for the most demanding user; everyone has a reason to visit the Windows Mobile Marketplace. Go there now and turn your device into a fully functioning GPS.

To facilitate the ability to acquire lifetime full featured local map packs for free; NDrive’s social networks (Facebook, Twitter) are hosting a week long contest in which participants enter to win NDrive map licenses for free. The structure of the contest is as follows:

From: Friday, August 06 – Thursday, August 12
+ Facebook: Become a fan of our product/service page and tag yourself in our Windows Mobile contest photo campaign.
+ Twitter: Follow NDrive on twitter and re-tweet our Windows Mobile contest tweet.

If a user follows these simple steps they are automatically entered to win a free license of NDrive for their device.

Otherwise customers may purchase their application directly from the Windows Mobile Marketplace for 19.89.
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