Video: Larissa Riquelme’s breasts with Nokia C3

Video: Larissa Riquelme’s breasts with Nokia C3
During the World Cup we already saw some photos of sexy model Larissa Riquelme using her cleavage to hold the Nokia E71. It's now time for Nokia C3 to be placed between Larissa Riquelme’s tits. Nokia got Paraguayan hot model Larissa Riquelme to help publicize the Symbian-powered C3 with her boobs. The pin-up and lingerie model Larissa Riquelme was recently in Guadalajara, Mexico to promote the newly launched handset.

As you probably already know, the Nokia C3 is the first Series 40 device with a full QWERTY keyboard. It includes Nokia Messaging which gives users access to Ovi Mail, Ovi Chat, and SMS chat. The Nokia C3 also has a 2MP camera and comes in gold, slate, and hot pink. It’s marketed as an affordable smartphone aimed at the younger audience.

There’s an ad from Nokia - Larissa Riquelme and Nokia C3. The 25-year-old nude model Larissa Riquelme rose to fame when she promised to run naked on the streets of Paraguay if her team won the FIFA World Cup. There are many photos of Larissa Riquelme and E71 from the World Cup that spread all over the internet.

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