Command & Conquer 4 BlackBerry game available for download

Command & Conquer 4 BlackBerry game available for download
Good news for BlackBerry users who are fans of the Command and Conquer Series, Command & Conquer 4 is now available for your BlackBerry smartphone. Released by Bplay, the latest C&C game is available for the following smartphones: 8100 Pearl, 8110 Pearl, 8120 Pearl, 8130 Pearl, 8220 Pearl Flip, 8230 Pearl Flip, 8300 Curve, 8310 Curve, 8320 Curve, 8330 Curve, 8330m, 8350i, 8520 Curve, 8530 Curve, 8800, 8820, 8830, 8900 Curve, 9000 Bold, 9500 Storm, 9520 Storm 2, 9530 Storm, 9550 Storm 2, 9630 Tour, 9650 Bold, 9700 Bold, 9800 Torch.
PLAY THE EPIC CLIMAX OF THE SCI-FI SAGA! Kane returns with sinister force in the most anticipated RTS experience ever made for mobile! Choose offensive or defensive classes from the equally potent GDI or Nod factions, and for the first time, command the mobile Crawler base and move it anywhere on the map. Mobilize for an all-out action-strategy blitz across two fateful campaigns featuring innovative RPG-style character progression. Kane. GDI. Nod. Tiberium. How will it end?
Command & Conquer 4 for BlackBerry is available for download $6.99 via Bplay.
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