MindMeister for iPad updated to version 3.6

MindMeister for iPad updated to version 3.6
MindMeister, the mind mapping app for iPad has been updated by MeisterLabs to version 3.6. The new release brings support for tasks and several bugfixes.
For creative and busy professionals on the go, not being able to remember that "Next Big Idea" can lead to lost opportunities. With MindMeister never further than a swipe and click away, you'll never be stuck trying to remember anything. Ever. MindMeister for iPad allows you to quickly and conveniently capture your thoughts, ideas, notes, tips, or any other information you want to save for later. Finding these ideas across multiple mind maps is a breeze, thanks to MindMeister's powerful internal search.

Visualizing your thoughts is a great way to remember them and have them close by, but the real fun with MindMeister's iPad app gets started upon entering collaboration mode. Got a great idea and want to share it with your co-worker that's halfway around the world (or halfway across the office)? Simply create your mind map, sketch out a few ideas, and then invite your colleague to join you. Once in MindMeister's brainstorming mode, both mind mappers have a real time view of what the other is thinking, and can see the changes/additions to the mind map in real time.
MindMeister for iPad is available for download $7.99 on the App Store in the Productivity category.
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