BlackBerry Internet Service 3.2 released in North America

BlackBerry Internet Service 3.2 released in North America
BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) has been updated to version 3.2 in North America. One of the new features of BlackBerry Internet Service 3.2 is Google Mail Calendar Synchronization. Subscribers can now perform two-way synchronization of Google calendar entries and entries in the calendar application on the BlackBerry smartphone.

It also comes with Automatic Login Enhancements. The automatic login feature is now available to more subscribers. Subscribers who use a user name and password to access their BlackBerry Internet Service accounts no longer have to type their user name and password on their smartphones to manage their email addresses.

Subscribers can now choose to show or hide the passwords for all email addresses that need to be validated by clicking the Show password or Hide password options.

Newly created passwords for BlackBerry Internet Service accounts and BlackBerry email addresses must meet new criteria:
+ Must include 8 to 16 characters
+ Must include at least one letter and one number
+ Cannot include the word “password”
+ Cannot include the user name of the BlackBerry Internet Service account or BlackBerry email address that the password is associated with

As you may already know, the BlackBerry Internet Service is an email and Internet service for BlackBerry devices that is designed to provide subscribers with automatic delivery of email messages, mobile access to email message attachments, and convenient access to Internet content.
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