ChargeBox Low Battery iPhone app released

ChargeBox Low Battery iPhone app released
Good news for iPhone users in the UK who often get stuck around town with a dead battery, ChargeBox has released its new Low Battery iPhone app. The application enables you to find your nearest ChargeBox (UK only), where you can get a quick blast of juice.

ChargeBox is an award-winning slimline tower with six lockers each containing a different mix of manufacturer-approved chargers. You simply find an available locker, plug your device in, pay a small fee, lock the door and take away the unique key. Go grab a coffee or finish your shopping and come back later.

There are now hundreds of ChargeBox machines in the UK - in hotels, airports, over 100 Vodafone stores, and many other handy locations across the UK.

The app can use your current location or you can choose a location where you're going to be to find your nearest units. Locations are then shown on a map relative to your position.

Low Battery iPhone app by ChargeBox is available for download FREE on the App Store in the Utilities category.
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