Samsung Ch@t 322 dual SIM QWERTY phone

Samsung Ch@t 322 dual SIM QWERTY phone
Looking for a dual SIM QWERTY phone? Samsung Ch@t 322 could be the ideal solution for those looking for a device to manage their social life and, if necessary, their work life as well.

Coming with the combination of dual SIM cards and QWERTY keyboard, Samsung Ch@t 322 features a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, USB 2.0. The ’smart home’ toolbar provides the automatic updates of Facebook and Twitter. The pre-installed instant messengers such as MSN, Yahoo, Google talk enable users to chat with their buddies at anytime, at anywhere. With Bluetooth Messenger, users can enjoy chatting for free. The Auto Pull Email feature offers a push-like email experience, removing the need for users to frequently check their emails; instead, the device will simply let them know when they have received an email, saving time and patience.

Samsung Ch@t 322 will be launched initially in Russia in November and roll out to CIS, Southeast Asia, India, China, Middle East, and Africa.
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